about me

colinmann.com has previously only been associated with getting photos online - however, i wish now to diversify the site - more soon... 


who are you?

as the domain suggests, i am colin mann. i'm a 22 year old who now works in the avon area. originally from chester, i moved to university in sheffield study business information systems. whilst at university i decided to take on a challenge and move to germany for a year within the pharmaceutical industry. my interests include my girlfriend, music, culture, fitness, beer, technology and food to name but a few. continue reading to find out more...


what are you doing with your life?

 since completing my degree i have been relaxing before i begin my career within the aviation industry. the career involves a move to bristol. between work i believe it is important to have a lot of play - so spending time with my girlfriend is a large passion of mine!

why bother buying a domain?

i purchased colinmann.com not only to use as a online photo gallery but also as in investment in my future. being in the IT profession, i believe to be successful you have to be different and promoting your skills online are one of the ways this can be achieved. you can request my portfolio from this link. if you are interested in purchasing a domain, i would recommend using the chaps that i do. i include a link to their site here.


what's in the photo gallery?

many things. after i left secondary school i joined sir john deanes, a sixth form college in cheshire, it was one of the best moves i could have made in my life. from there i moved onto sheffield hallam university to study business information systems. ever since moving to sir john deanes i constantly took photos of nights out to remind not only myself, but also the majority of the college, what an amazing time we had. looking back at the photos now paints a picture of my life & how things have changed. due to various privacy issues, registration for access to the photos is now obligatory. the gallery is accessible from here


what's the deal with the version number?

colinmann.com has been brewing in the back of my head for many years and has taken the form of many versions. as my knowledge of web systems has increased the depth and user-experience has improved. you can view the version number from the homepage.


what technology do you use?

principally microsoft frontpage, macromedia dreamweaver, swish, jasc paintshop, php, mysql and javascript

so, that's roughly it. if you wish to contact me, please e-mail mail@colinmann.com


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